Who Is Keeping You From Your Dream?

In a TV episode I watched recently, two well-meaning characters wanted their dreams for another character to come true. Even though they knew that the person they loved had a completely different dream. The well-meaning characters had positive traits, but they were being selfish. Of course, it was a Hollywood ending where they were able to let go and let the person they loved pursue his dream.

I wish real life was that way.

The tragic fact is, many things, and people, can keep us from fulfilling our dreams.


Regardless of how well-meaning the people in our lives are, they have their own agendas. Sometimes they:

— Don’t encourage us because they don’t want to see us hurt if we put years of work into our dream, only to see it unfulfilled.

— Can’t bear to have us launch out and have the world crush us with indifference or scathing criticism.

— Don’t think that we, or our dreams, are important.

— Don’t think we have the talent or ability to fulfill those dreams.

— Think it is taking too long, or taking too much attention away from what they want us to do.

— Are unwilling or unable to love us enough to help us by giving us time and support to work on our dreams. Their own selfish pursuits or desires drive them. But they still expect us to love them unselfishly and give up our lives in service to them.


Sometimes life events keep me from writing. Mundane or important, they must be addressed. Laundry, grocery shopping, and caring for loved ones.

God knows and understands. He planned my life. Nothing surprises Him.

But He also put dreams in my heart. And He doesn’t want me to stop pursuing those dreams. They are often the most precious and valuable blessings God gives.

Even more important, me fulfilling my dreams may be the help someone needs to do what God wants them to do.

If I ask Him for help, He’ll give me guidance about how to do my part.

At the end of my life, I will have to tell God why I didn’t do my part to fulfill those dreams. And why I didn’t trust Him enough that after I did my part, He would do the rest.

I will have to answer.

To God.


Nobody else.

None of the people in my life, whether they were supportive or not, will have to answer for me. Yes, they will have to answer for their actions. But I have to answer for mine.

Even if I don’t do my part, God will love me. But the thought of having to answer why I didn’t do what He wanted me to do is heart-wrenching.

My Prayer for Everyone

I pray that all of us follow God to fulfill our dreams. And not let others, or ourselves, keep us from pursuing them.

What helps you pursue your dreams?

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Joni Vance is an award-winning author of fiction, essay, and poetry. She loves mystery, history, and how God reveals Himself every day.

May God reveal the mystery of His love in your life story.

6 thoughts on “Who Is Keeping You From Your Dream?

  1. A very well thought out and truth filled post! And very inspiring— to change course when possible.

    Your question, “What helps you pursue your dreams?” My answer… Usually I’m confused as to when I should pursue my own dreams versus supply the needs of others around me. In my life, every time I even think about pursuing a dream, something major happens in my family and turns me into a caretaker. The dream doesn’t die though. I just continue to wait for what I hope is God’s timing in helping me to finally fulfill that dream.

  2. So many circumstances do keep us from pursuing our dreams. Thanks for pushing us onward, Joni!

    • Post Author Joni Vance

      I appreciate you reading and commenting, Barbara. Thanks for your support and prayers for your writing!

  3. Very encouraging post, Joni. Thank you for sharing.

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