What’s Your Favorite Christmas TV Show or Movie?

There are so many Christmas shows I could list, but I’ll choose one from my childhood:

Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer premiered in December, 1964.

It was in color, but my family didn’t have a color TV until I was 12 years old.

So, for several years, I had to imagine Rudolph’s nose was red.

It was stunning and spectacular when the color popped out on the TV screen!

I loved it then and still do — color or not. 🙂

What’s your favorite Christmas TV show or movie?

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6 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Christmas TV Show or Movie?

  1. I have a couple – A Charlie Brown Christmas and It’s a Wonderful Life

  2. Elf is my favorite Christmas Movie:)

    • I’ve never seen that movie, but I know it is a favorite for alot of folks. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I’d have to go with “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

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