What’s Your Favorite Autumn Festival?

Autumn officially arrives on September 22, but let’s celebrate a bit early by listing our favorite autumn festivals. There are so many throughout the U.S. Enjoy!


One of my favorites has already happened this year. In Georgia, one of the biggest and best is the Yellow Daisy Festival. If you didn’t go this year (it was September 8 – 11), plan to go next year! But wear great walking shoes, plenty of money, and something (or someone) who can carry all your new treasures.

The Albino Skunk Festival in Greer, SC is October 6-8 … complete with crafts, food, and various music. I don’t know if they have pet albino skunks, but the festival sounds super!


The Warner New Hampshire Fall Foliage is October 8-9 … Oh, to be in New England in autumn. Every part of the US has its great beauty, but the leaves in New England should not be missed.


Rendezvous Royale in Cody, Wyoming is September 19-24 … The wild west and beautiful country. Can’t beat that adventure.

What are some of your favorites? Which ones would you like to attend?

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  1. Lincolnton, N.C. has their Apple Festival October 15th and the library usually has a book sale at the same time.

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