What Are Your Favorite Summer Smells?

What Are Your Favorite Summer Smells?

Summer smells bring back memories of playing in the sprinkler, eating popsicles, and riding bikes til dusk.

What are your favorite summer smells?

I’ll get the list started with three of my favs:


Fresh mown grass

Hot asphalt at the amusement park

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It’s your turn. Can’t wait for you to share!

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8 thoughts on “What Are Your Favorite Summer Smells?

  1. I agree with Jane’s tomato plants. We had several this year and walking among them smelled wonderful. I also like the smell after a summer thundershower.

    • Totally agree! All the wonderful summer smells bring back great memories of past summers, AND the summer we are experiencing now! Stay in the A/C when it’s sweltering – and enjoy the outside when it’s not so hot!

  2. Chlorine in the pool, basil and tomato plants when the water hits the leaves, and the smell of someone grilling hamburgers:)

    • Good choices! Love the thought of basil and tomato plants smelling so good when they are watered – fresh, garden scents…yum. And a grilled burger – get it ready – I may visit! ha ha ha

  3. Recently, we traveled to Grand Teton National Park.

    Living in an area surrounded by refineries, the fresh, crisp smells are invigorating. When I was a kid, those smells were only a short drive out of town.

    • Clean mountain air is a favorite any time of year. Glad you were able to visit the Grand Tetons. Spectacular!

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