Weird History: From Corsets To Battleships

From Corsets To Battleships

Loose Lips Sink Ships, But Corsets Built Them

Who knew one of the most damaging and painful fashion trends of all time would end because of a world war?

Up until WWI, women AND men wore corsets to fool others into thinking they possessed an hourglass figure.

But because the frame of a corset was made of metal, people were asked to stop buying corsets so the metal could be used to make weapons during the war.

(Personally, I would have fought a war to keep from having to wear a corset. I still would.)

Did letting it all hang out help the war effort?

By the end of the war, enough steel had been saved to build TWO BATTLESHIPS!

Freedom prevailed – in countries and in fashion

After the war, the fabric from aircraft had components that could be used in corsets. The fabric was offered to corset manufacturers.


I’m SUPER grateful the people living in that day and age decided they wanted to remain free – in life and in clothing choices.

What weird (G-rated) history or fashion trend can you share with us?

Weird History: From Corsets To Battleships. What weird (G-rated) history or fashion trend can you share? Share on X

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