The Point of the Journey

I love this quote. And my writing journey has changed me. I wrote about it in How Writing Changes Authors — and Readers.

Not Just the Writing Journey

But Susie’s quote also makes me think about how my life journey has changed me — or should have.

When I consider all the events I’ve “been through”, one of the most important lessons is that everyone “goes through” things, too.

If I’m mindful that others are going through, or have just been through, something difficult, then I treat them with much more care and courtesy.

I certainly want people to always give me the benefit of the doubt when my flaws and frailties are on open display.

How Do I Treat Others on the Journey?

Do I treat others as if they could be going through something?

A simple, common example is having a lot to do, and not having enough time to do it.

Am I still courteous to the slow store clerk?

— What if it’s their first day on the job and their supervisor is observing them?

— What if their spouse beat them the night before?

— What if their child is sick?

— What if they’ve been up all night taking care of their elderly parents because they are the sole caretaker?

— What if they’ve been diagnosed with cancer or some other illness, and must keep their job to have the medical insurance that can pay to save their lives?

How do I treat the delivery driver who has blocked me in for five minutes because there’s nowhere else to park?

— What if someone has already cussed him out because he was late because of a huge traffic jam on the interstate?

— What if other drivers on the road have zipped in front of him and he had to slam on the brakes to avoid a collision?

— What if his boss has threatened to fire him if he doesn’t deliver the extra fifty packages during the holidays on time?

— What if he hasn’t had a break or a meal that day, and parking closer to his delivery means he has time to eat a sandwich and go to the bathroom for the first time in eight hours?

The Truth

The truth is, I don’t know if any of my imagined scenarios are true.

Do you hear me?


If I was going through any of those things, how would I feel if others smiled and said, “It’s okay. I hope you have a good day.”

And how much better would it be if they said that, and then privately prayed that God would help me with whatever I face that day?

The Point of the Journey

If I’m mindful that others could be going through something difficult, and I don’t embrace and practice that part of my life journey…

I’ve missed the point.

And I don’t want to miss the point.

Living the Point

My prayer for myself and everyone is:

God, please help us be mindful of others, and help them in whatever way we can. And please, God, help us never miss the point of the journey.

What “point” have you picked up on during your life journey?

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Joni Vance is an award-winning author of fiction, essay, and poetry. She loves mystery, history, and how God reveals Himself every day.

May God reveal the mystery of His love in your life story.

5 thoughts on “The Point of the Journey

  1. I love all that you pointed out. Others are struggling and it does no good to be impatient with them. It only hurts them and us. Your scenarios were great!

    The point for me is that when someone is having a bad day, and they take it out on me, I need to be kind and gracious, because I think, is this as bad as having to take on all the sin of the world, being spit on, beaten, nails…. you get the picture… and those thoughts helps me turn my mind away from the anger and “how dare you” attitude to— this isn’t really that bad:)

  2. Thank you for this blog, Joni. Such a good reminder to me to make sure I’m others-focused instead of self-focused. Blessings!

    • I appreciate you reading and commenting, Kim. I appreciate you letting me know the post was helpful. 🙂

  3. Joni, this such an impactful post. Your examples are reminders that each one of those scenarios is possible and maybe even something like that is likely. Thanks so much.

    • Thank you, Tim, for reading and commenting. I’m glad the post was helpful. 🙂

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