The Kind Spirit of Halloween

The Origin of Modern Halloween

Elizabeth Krebs was tired of kids destroying her garden and other neighborhood property on Halloween. So one year, she had a party at her house and passed out treats to the kids. But some of the town’s children didn’t attend, and still carried out pranks and vandalism.

In 1914, she and the town held a parade with events and activities, and the kids wore costumes and walked through the town. Everyone attended, and no tricks were played.

The news spread and other towns adopted the practice. Eventually, in the 1930’s the trend of kids going to homes and proclaiming “Trick or Treat” began.

Halloween Joy and Kindness

I cherish the childhood memories of excitement and joy when people would open their doors and be happy to see me. And compliment me on my costume and give me a treat.

And I miss the moments when neighbors, regardless of beliefs or differences, would choose to chat and smile and enjoy the simple pleasure of being kind to other human beings.

My prayer every day, not just on Halloween, is that the spirit of shared simple pleasures and kindness sweeps over the country I love and the world we live in.

What are your joyful memories of Halloween?

There are different views and beliefs around Halloween. Thank you for remembering my blog isn’t the place to express those.

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  1. I loved that I could go through our neighborhood with my older brother and we were safe. The neighborhood women made the treats they gave out, so we got cookies, fudge, popcorn balls, ect. When we got back home my dad let us light sparklers. I never knew where he got them from. I was probably about 5 or 6 years old during those times. Thanks for helping us recall sweet childhood memories:)

    • Thanks for sharing some of your fun childhood times, Jane. 🙂 I appreciate your reading and sharing!

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