The First Time Annie Sang

The musical “Annie” debuted on Broadway on April 21, 1977.

And for the first time, “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” made its way from the ears to the hearts of listeners.

I love musical theater. From “Oklahoma” to “My Fair Lady” and the “Sound of Music” to “Beauty and the Beast”.

Part of the soundtrack of my life are the songs so artfully composed and performed by talented artists through the years.

Because of musicals, we know:

— A breeze through a wheatfield smells divine

— Eating chocolate beside a warm fire is a lovely way to spend an evening

— The mountains have a majestic music of their own

— Even someone unlovable can learn to love


The next sunrise is on its way.

There are thousands more memories and emotions tied up in the soundtrack of our lives.

What are some of your favorite songs from musicals?

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Joni Vance is an award-winning author of fiction, essay, and poetry. She loves mystery, history, and how God reveals Himself every day.

May God reveal the mystery of His love in your life story.

6 thoughts on “The First Time Annie Sang

  1. Ha Ha… the only one I can think of right now is “Let It Go” from the Frozen children’s movie. I like all the ones you chose though. They give us hope:) Great post!

    • Post Author Joni Vance

      That’s a good song, Jane. I know you’ll think of others that are special to you and share them with the fans of Frozen in your family. 😉

  2. ‘My Favorite Things’ and ‘Climb Every Mountain’ from the Sound of Music. 🎼😊

  3. Thanks for reminding us of the power of music.

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