Showing the Inside on the Outside

When the Inside Shows on the Outside

This picture reminds me that internal beauty may be obscured under several layers.

But when I look closely, I realize the internal brightness has filtered to the edges of some of the plants.

That’s my goal.

To grow in a way where the external part of me reflects the deepest and best part of my spirit.

And to always remember, no matter what the outside looks like, I must seek the beauty inside everyone.

What helps you search for the beauty in others?

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Joni Vance is an award-winning author of fiction, essay, and poetry. She loves mystery, history, and how God reveals Himself every day.

May God reveal the mystery of His love in your life story.

12 thoughts on “Showing the Inside on the Outside

  1. Hi Joni! Appreciate the thoughtful question. For me, I try to remember we’re all a mixture of beauty & weeds. When I see someone else’s weeds poking out, I try to remember, “I’ve got them too.”

  2. Love the photo. Joni. Great thoughts on sharing our inner self.

    • Thanks, Tim. I appreciate you reading and sharing. I love the photos and thoughts in your blogs as well. 🙂

  3. Jane H Green

    There is a beauty in others that shines through their eyes. I’ve seen strangers in stores that I know have to be Christian’s because there is the light of the Holy Spirit that shines from their eyes and face. Joyfulness and kindness just seems to emanate from them. I love the goal you have set for yourself:)

    • Thank you for bringing up that the “eyes are the windows to the soul”. I’m so grateful for the kindness and joy I see in others (you included)!

  4. Joni,
    Beautiful photo and another post to make us stop and think. I wrote a post once about fall leaves. We see only the varying shades of green in the spring and summer as the sun brings chlorophyll in abundance. As the days grow shorter, the fall colors emerge. But those colors were there all along, only masked by the abundance of chlorophyll.
    I never knew that.
    We all have inside us the ability to show forth our inner best. I know I couldn’t do it without my Savior. And many days, I fall short.


    • Interesting fact about chlorophyll. Thanks for sharing that and your thoughts. Appreciate your comments.

  5. Jeannie Waters

    What an absolutely beautiful photograph and message. Thank you.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Jeannie! I appreciate your support.

      • In all honesty, I don’t think of it as “searching” but as of “observing” or “appreciating” the beauty in others (and maybe it’s a fault on my part that I don’t actively search — that’s something to think about). Anyway, how I see beauty in others is in how they treat — actions, words, tone of voice — others in certain situations:
        1. When the recipient of their words/actions is just a normal person — a salesperson, waitress, old friend, etc — as opposed to someone “important”.
        2. When they think nobody is watching. When they think, for example, that everyone’s eyes are on the speaker, are they rolling their eyes or smirking or surreptitiously checking their phone/texting instead of paying respectful attention. Do they speak as kindly to their kids when they think nobody sees them? That sort of thing
        3. When someone else is being praised or getting all the attention.

        Things like that. When I see them stop and pick up the papers someone else dropped — when everyone else’s attention is elsewhere, when they quietly reach out and touch the hand of a widow sitting alone in church . . That’s where I see inner beauty shining through.

        • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Patti. I think acts of kindness and respect are always a sign of inner beauty.

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