Remember and Honor

Remember and Honor

You may have noticed that some of my blogs have focused on dying, or how I want to act before I go live with Jesus forever. It’s been on my mind more than usual because in last six months, four people I admire passed away.

The Celebrity

I wasn’t fortunate enough to meet him. People who knew him say he was gentle and kind.

A superb actor, singer, and orchestra leader, his talents continue to be a gift to the world. From film that exuded honesty, compassion, and how to treat others with dignity — to music where his velvet voice envelops like a blanket of joy as it floats across unforgettable melodies.

The world isn’t as bright without him. I so look forward to meeting him, and being greeted with his breathtaking smile, when I reach heaven.

The Mentor

High heels with a quirky sense of humor, she called everyone “Sugar.”

She planned and directed conferences for thousands of writers so we could learn the craft and network to support each other.

And labored to prepare critiques for me and others who were fortunate enough to be in her writing group. Critiques that picked apart every word, and gave suggestions to improve it. After some of our group sessions, I felt like I’d been sliced and diced. But at the end of each one, she would give a hug, deliver an entreaty to keep writing, and promise she would provide another honest assessment the following month. On this side of eternity, there are no more chances to hear, “Sugar”, or “You can learn deep POV and show versus tell. Keep trying.”

I smile through tears and suspect she’s arranging comfy couches in her new mansion, getting it ready for us to meet and talk writing again.

The Friend

A gentleman from a civic organization to which I belong, his steadfast service and perspective were invaluable.

He was faithful to the group, actively participating in a meeting one evening, and suddenly passing the following night. He exemplified that being there for others is one of the most important things a person can do. I close my eyes and hear his voice. I will miss him until I hear his wise words again.

The Neighbor

I was new to the neighborhood, and he climbed a ladder to check a high window on my house. Trust me, even if I’d had the courage to get on the ladder, I didn’t have the skills to determine if the window was leaking.

A few months later, he temporarily sacrificed his love for animals to kill a very mean, super aggressive snake that stalked my front door, ready to attack. I’m so thankful for his willingness to help.

Honor Their Lives

These precious people gave of themselves to help others. The world is better because they lived. And as appealing as heaven already is, their presence there has made it more so.

To honor them, I’ll follow their example and be kind, honest, encouraging, faithful, and helpful.

Please share if you’ve lost someone you admire, and how you honor them.

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Joni Vance is an award-winning author of fiction, essay, and poetry. She loves mystery, history, and how God reveals Himself every day.

May God reveal the mystery of His love in your life story.

5 thoughts on “Remember and Honor

  1. My grandmother was someone to admire. Her husband died in the Navy in World War II, leaving her to raise two young children. She worked in a hosiery mill, taught 2-3 year olds in Sunday School, sang alto in the church choir, and raised her children, one of which is my mother. They later made her Superintendent of Sunday School, but although she did the job well, she never liked doing it because she missed being in the room with the little ones.:)

    • Thanks for telling us about your grandmother. So many loved ones we’ll see again. I appreciate you reading my blog and commenting.

  2. I love how your blog gives me something to think about. I am thinking of my grandparents who had a positive influence in my life but there are so many more!

    • Thank you so much for sharing. You definitely mirror the positivity of your grandparents to others! I appreciate you reading my blog, and glad it is helpful.

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