My Place On The Wall

Lessons from Old

Years ago, I was in the audience during a keynote address about Nehemiah and his rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. As the speaker related the events, it was clear that every person working on the wall had an essential role in the success of that endeavor.

At the end of the keynote, the speaker asked all of us to stand along the walls of the room and acknowledge our essential “place on the wall”.

What Is My Place?

I’ve mentioned before that blogging is difficult for me. I’d much rather be dreaming up funny stories and murder mysteries. It’s not as fun to write about hard life lessons or difficult truths.

I asked God recently if I could suspend my weekly blog. Or at least take some of the blogs I had written before, change them slightly, and then republish them. I wanted to spend my writing time on projects that are more “fun” for me.

In my spirit, He said, “Keep blogging.”

A couple of hours later, I asked Him again.

He said, “Keep blogging.”

The next morning, I asked Him again.

God had not changed His answer.

Can I Pick A Different Place?

Until and unless God lets me know otherwise, my place on the wall is to blog.

Past experiences where I was “less than obedient” to what God said have taught me to ask Him for the willingness and ability to do what He wants.

But I still have to work through my emotions about not getting what I want.

As I dealt with my disappointment about spending most of my available writing time to blog, I began to think about the places that others hold on the wall.

Some people have:

— Chronic, severe illnesses. But they continue to be thankful and joyful and reflect God’s love.

— Suffered through catastrophic events where loved ones are taken from them. And they share their journey of grief and hope.

— Severe financial or family issues. And they still reach out and help others.

At times, I compare my life and accomplishments to those who are successful in areas where I want to achieve great things. When I’m realistic about it, I’m able to acknowledge that I don’t know what they have overcome to be a success.

A Place For Me

So I return to the following conclusions:

— God created me for my place on the wall.

— I truly don’t want another place on the wall.

— Even if my place is to reflect hard truths to the world, what if my words are the only reason someone doesn’t lose hope?

When I was younger and much less diplomatic, I spoke my mind about something. A friend said, “Don’t mince words, Joni. Tell us how you really feel.”

He was right. But ouch. Speaking out is being too outspoken if it’s done in a way that harms others.

I think part of God’s plan is for me to learn to speak those truths in as loving a manner as possible.

And another part may be that hard truths are not as difficult for others to hear if they come from a short, little bitty woman whose Southern mannerism is to call everyone “Honey”, and whose physical appearance wouldn’t intimidate anyone.

My Place

My place on the wall and I were tailor-made for each other.

By the loving Creator of the Universe before time began.

At times, the work is hard.

But I’m extremely thankful that God entrusted me with a place on the wall.

And I’m grateful God is right there beside me. Helping me with every word and task. And that He loves me enough to turn my efforts into something that helps others.

What helps you find and be grateful your place on the wall?

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Joni Vance is an award-winning author of fiction, essay, and poetry. She loves mystery, history, and how God reveals Himself every day.

May God reveal the mystery of His love in your life story.

4 thoughts on “My Place On The Wall

  1. I’m so glad you’re keeping your “place on the wall”. Your posts are always very helpful to me. I’ve never thought about it before… that God has given me a place on the wall… so I can’t have an answer to your question until I contemplate these thoughts… Wow! I might have a place on the wall and what on earth is that place?

    I know in Nehemiah’s story, they kept weapons at hand as they worked on their part of that wall. We definitely need spiritual weapons for holding our place. I’ll be thinking about all these things:)

    The thing I love most about your blog is…. you really make us think… ha ha.

    • Post Author Joni Vance

      Thank you for reading and commenting. Prayers for you as you identify your place on the wall. 🙂

  2. Love these thoughts Joni. Very helpful in reminding me that I need to take the place God has given me and use it to His glory.

    • Post Author Joni Vance

      I appreciate you reading and commenting. I think your blog, writing, and church work are certainly at least part of your place on the wall. 🙂

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