Freedom From Independence

In some ways, freedom connotes independence. Every July 4th, Americans celebrate the birth of our country — because colonists fought for freedom for independence.

But the fight for freedom from independence is just as important.

The Battle

For too many years, I thought self-sufficiency was the ultimate achievement.

Success meant not needing help from other people. Not having to trust other people to be kind enough to help. Not being vulnerable.

Of course, my battle to win that delusion was different than the war waged by the colonists. And so was the outcome.

The Loss

I lost because it’s impossible to win a delusion.

In reality, I don’t have the skills to be self-sufficient. I can’t fix my car, or the HVAC system, or the plumbing. And the results from my attempts to paint house walls, maintain the yard, or numerous other handyman-related tasks certainly prove I’m not the person to perform those duties.

I could work a lifetime and still not possess all the skills I’d need to survive, much less thrive.

But more importantly, I’m not self-sufficient because I’m not supposed to be.

I need help — and kindness — and care — from other people.

After being defeated by the delusion of self-sufficiency, I faced the battle to admit I’m vulnerable whether I like it or not. Whether I want to be or not.

I still fight that battle at times, only to lose in the end.

The Victory

But defeat unveils the true victory.

To have any quality of life, I must choose to be dependent on others.

I must choose to be free from independence, which is a frightening option.

What makes it safe to choose dependence?

The answer is always the same.

— I ask God to help me see the reality of the situation.

— I recount all the times I needed help and God sent the right person at that very moment.

— I remind myself that God protects me, never fails, and will turn any outcome for my good because He loves me.

I’m grateful the colonists won the freedom for independence.

I’m even more grateful when I choose freedom from independence.

What helps you choose freedom from independence?

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Joni Vance is an award-winning author of fiction, essay, and poetry. She loves mystery, history, and how God reveals Himself every day.

May God reveal the mystery of His love in your life story.

8 thoughts on “Freedom From Independence

  1. Joni,

    You always give us something to really think about and I appreciate that:)

    What helps you choose freedom from Independence?

    I have never thought of that before. As a nursing student they taught us the whole goal for our patients was to get them back to being Independent so they could go home and care for themselves. That has been ingrained in me from that time on. Make yourself as Independent as possible. But like you, I can’t do plumbing, or fix HVAC problems, or wire my house. So I am dependent on other people for that.

    I’ll have to think on it more and get back to you🧐. This is a totally new concept for me☺️

    Thanks for sharing such interesting topics!

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. I guess my point is that I can’t live a quality life without help from others – and from people who support me and my dreams. Hope the blog is helpful.

  2. Great post, Joni. I like where you went with the topic. Life can be tough when we try to be too independent.

  3. Great reminder Joni. When I lost my son, I didn’t want to give in to the grief and resulting vulnerability, but I learned that giving in to vulnerability and allowing God and the body of Christ to minister to me, is exactly where strength is found – freedom from independence.

    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I appreciate you sharing from the heart. 🙂

  4. Good on’ya, Ms Joni.

    In Haversack History presentations, I preach that very message because it is critical we Americans don’t forget our founders intent. Although free from British rule, our God expects dependency on Him.

    • Thanks for your comments, Warren. I appreciate you reading my blog and sharing. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Fourth of July. 🙂

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