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Every month, I try to post a fun question. This month, it’s “What was your favorite board game when you were a kid?”

And then I realized that it wasn’t just about the game. It’s about the memories of fun that resonate so deeply. The faces and laughter and sense of security that surround times when playing childhood games.

I think my all-time favorite was Sorry! It went faster than Monopoly, which I also loved. You had to have hours and hours to play Monopoly. And sometimes, we did have those hours and hours. Bad weather days when going outside wasn’t an option.

And then there was another favorite: Mystery Date Game.

A few years ago, my team at work was discussing our favorite childhood games and I mentioned this one. They were younger than me, and hadn’t heard of it. They laughed when I began to sing the jingle from the commercial for the game. (I highly recommend you do an internet search and watch the 1965 commercial.)

I reminisced to my team about playing Mystery Date, and described the game. And that the absolute worst fate was to “open the door” to the Dud. That terrible action not only meant you were out of the game, but girls were superstitious enough to believe it meant you probably wouldn’t ever have a date in your entire life.

A few weeks later, my co-workers presented me with a gift. I unwrapped it, and what do you think it was?

Yep – a reproduction of the vintage edition of the Mystery Date Game! I started to boo-hoo in front of them.

I couldn’t believe they’d taken the time to research it and buy one for me. We even took time out of the work day for a team building activity.

You guessed it. We first played the commercial from the internet. And then we played the game.

That day, instead of adults in our 60’s, 50’s, 40’s, and 30’s — three men and two women — we were kids again. Playing a game and joking and laughing.

And remembering.

My co-workers gave me another memory to cherish about a beloved childhood game. And another reminder that kindness comes in all types of packages.

What was your favorite board game when you were growing up? Add to my list!

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May God reveal the mystery of His love in your life story.

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  1. My favorite game was checkers. I became really good at it, and I was always out for blood to win. My older brother began to stop playing with me after awhile. Ha Ha

  2. We played a lot of Monopoly and Trouble. Great memories!

    • I don’t recall playing Trouble that much. Thanks for sharing! I appreciate you reading my blog and commenting.

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