Even When I’m Not Paying Attention

God takes care of me even when I’m not paying attention.

I was trying to beat the downpour the weatherman said was on the way.

As I started out the door, I remembered I needed to write out one more bill to mail.

I wrote the check, stuffed it in an envelope, plastered a stamp to the outside and bolted out the door.

In my area lately, there have been thefts from mailboxes, and even from outdoor USPS blue dropboxes. So I drove to a local packaging place to mail my checks safely.

But they weren’t open yet! Ahhh!

So I got back in the car, ran another nearby errand, and then returned to the packaging business as the rain began.

Still not open!

Okay, different plan. I drove home and decided to listen for the mail carrier’s truck so I could run out and hand him the mail.

As I set the mail on the table to wait for the mail carrier, I happened to sift through the envelopes one last time.

The last check I had written and stuffed in an envelope was sealed safely. With no address on the outside of the envelope…..

Good grief.

Gratitude overwhelmed me as I was reminded again that God watches over me and protects me.

Even when I’m in a hurry. Even when I’m not paying attention. Or even when I’m just plain acting goofy.

God watches over me and protects me.

When was a time you realized God was protecting you from a mistake, or from real danger?

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Joni Vance is an award-winning author of fiction, essay, and poetry. She loves mystery, history, and how God reveals Himself every day.

May God reveal the mystery of His love in your life story.

2 thoughts on “Even When I’m Not Paying Attention

  1. I always think like everyone else, when traffic is backed up and I can’t get through, maybe God is protecting me from being in an accident further down the road. Recently I hurt my back and ended up at a chiropractor’s office. Through a series of questions about other issues I was having, I learned from the doctor about a supplement called Boswellia. My heart doctor has had the threat of putting me on a hypertensive medication I don’t want to take because I can’t keep my Blood Pressure down. I’ve been praying hard to find something to help so I’m not put on the medication because it affects too many other things. After a week on the Boswellia (India Frankincense) supplement, my blood pressure has been in the normal range for the last two days. Are these all random events? I truly don’t believe so. Like you, I think that God is taking care of me. Love your account of how God took care of you:)

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