Of Orchids and Men

Surrounded by a panorama of blossoms, I reveled in the palette of purples and blues, reds and corals, yellows and multi-coloreds. The orchid expert imparted forty years of lessons he had learned about growing the exquisite plants.

What to feed them, how much water is required. The temperature and light/shade combinations that provide the best opportunity for them to thrive. Among all of the information, one fact was the most interesting to me. It can take eighteen months or more of nurturing for an orchid to bloom.

As complex as an orchid is, humans are even more so. Different colors, shapes, and sizes. Growing at different rates. Each with unique qualities and beauty.

I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for God’s grace and mercy and faithfulness. And so thankful He is the Master Gardener who patiently works to draw out the ultimate beauty in all of His creations.

What lessons are you still learning?

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